Handy Tips

Relighting Gas Storage Water Heaters

Follow the link http://www.rheem.com.au/Gas- Storage-Water-Heaters instructions are on the right hand side panel. If you require further assistance please call us 0408 265 798.

Isolating / Meter taps

Always know where your meter/isolating tap is to your house or unit in case of an emergency. If you are in a situation where your home is flooding the first thing to do is turn off the water at this tap.
In a unit, your isolating tap will generally look like a single tee head tap sticking out of the wall, however in a house the tap will be with the meter.
If you can find it but it won’t stop the water you should have it replaced.
If in a unit block – ring your strata managers who will send a plumber to replace it
If in a house – ring Sydney Water on Ph.131090. They offer a free service replacing the isolating valves, please allow 10 days.

If you cannot locate your meter/isolating tap

If in a unit block – the taps are usually hidden in the kitchen sink cupboards or under the laundry sink and you may have two if you share a hot water heater. Sometimes they are hidden in duct work, so before you start taking the place apart, speak to a neighbour that has been in the block a while as yours will probably be in the same place as theirs.
If in a house – The tap may be overgrown or buried. If this is the case, line up your front hose cock and the fence in a straight line. The meter and tap will probably be just inside your front boundary fence lined up with the hose cock. If you still cannot find it, check where your neighbour’s meter is and look in the same place in your property.
Failing all these search methods, call DY Plumbers to help locate your meter/isolating tap.

High Water Bill

A high water bill is generally a sign of a undetected water leak. These mostly come in the form of broken water pipes, running toilets or taps or burst water heaters.

Here's a way you can check for leaks using the water meter:-
Before you go to bed, check your water meter (found just inside the front boundary of your property and you'll see a tap handle at one end and the meter at the other, the meter dial usually is covered by a small metal flap that you lift), write down the meter reading. Ensure no one uses the water until morning when you check the meter again and compare numbers. If the morning figure is higher, you have a water leak that needs to be traced and fixed. Call DY Plumbers For A Free Quote!!!

Leaky Cistern

A clever way of checking to see if your cistern is leaking is to put some food colouring in the cistern and see if it runs down the back of the toilet pan.
You have a leaking toilet (cistern)
If severe, turn off the cistern via the cistern stop tap by turning it clockwise. This is a tap located usually below the cistern. Sometimes they can be found inside the cistern.


If you are removing nice tap fittings (such as gold ones) for maintenance reasons, use a thick cloth to protect it from the jaws of the footprints, otherwise you will damage the taps and if they are painted, it will chip the paint.

You can smell gas

Turn off the gas meter

The gas meter is usually located at the side of the building. The stop valve will either be a lever or a small handle. To turn off the gas - turn the lever or handle 90° from its original position.
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