Valued Customers - COVID19 and DY Plumbers

2 weeks ago, Mar 26 at 3:59pm | Uncategorized
How DY Plumbers are handling the current COVID19 situation.

Owner vs Strata Responsibility

Feb 19 at 11:48am | Uncategorized
After a customer this week rang to have her main isolating tap replaced, she was especially chuffed to hear that the replacement of the tap is actually a strata responsibility.

It can be quite confusing who pays or is responsible for what, especially if you are new to Strata living.  We have attached a booklet for those that want to keep this as a reference that goes through all that you would like to know in a clear, well set out way.  Delighted after reading the booklet, she also found out her leaking letterbox was also covered by strata.  :-)

Bathroom Renovation Process & Tips

Feb 18 at 12:15pm | Uncategorized
Is 2020 your year for a bathroom renovation?
Here are some tips on the process of renovating a bathroom from one of DY Plumbers own employees - and it's in plain English!

Interview with Reece - women in plumbing

Nov 14 at 9:11am | Uncategorized
I had a great day today chatting to Reece. They are putting together a series of interviews with different plumbers across the country that they will be releasing across their social media. Thanks so much for including me. It was fun!

2019 Sydney Water Restrictions

May 24 at 11:58am | Uncategorized
Sydney Water Restrictions are inevitable.