Sydney Rain Causing Stormwater Drainage Issues

Oct 12 at 11:21am | Uncategorized
With all the rain in Sydney in the last year there are all sorts of stormwater drainage issues being uncovered.
This customer has a small slope on his block and the water was collecting around the edge of the pool and the soggy grass was extending up the slope at least a metre out from the edge of the pool. If you trod on the grass at the edge of the pool your foot would be completely submerged by water. He was desperate to get this resolved.

Transform your loo with a new seat

May 04 at 2:14pm | Uncategorized
Seemed like a good idea at the time. But this owner decided to shell out for a new white toilet seat. Now they have a cleaner sleeker looking loo. A simple switch can make all he difference in your bathroom.

Kitchen Transformed from the 70s

Apr 07 at 2:06pm | Uncategorized
Kitchen renovation in a small one bedroom unit in Neutral Bay.
Went from the original 70's kitchen to a fresh modern kitchen and even managed to squeeze in a 450mm dishwasher, moved the tap to a mixer, reran all the gas meter and pipes in the cupboard so that it didn't take up as much space and installed the new gas cooktop and separate oven.  The owner was thrilled by the result and so was the new tenant.  
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Leeches leeches everywhere

Mar 17 at 2:22pm | Handy Tips
Now that the rain has stopped, these little critters are everywhere. So be prepared if you are in the process of mopping up the mess of our recent flooding. Long shirts and pants tucked into boots are recommended.

Follow the link to find out how to remove them from your skin.

Blocked drain with tree roots

Mar 15 at 12:14pm | Uncategorized
Thanks to the sun for finally showing up! Now for the stormwater repairs and clean up. Totally satisfying pulling out these roots. Stormwater Job Number One done! Onto the next one. Only one of about ten on the list.