Why is my cold water cloudy?

2 weeks ago, May 12 at 2:07pm | Uncategorized
Your water is still safe to use when cloudy due to air bubbles in the water and you'll see in the video how quickly it clears in the glass. Just run your water for a while and it will soon clear.

Why is my Hot Water Not as Hot in Winter?

3 weeks ago, May 07 at 12:08pm | Uncategorized
Why is my Hot Water Not as Hot in Winter?
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Identify rusty flexible connectors on mixer tap

4 weeks ago, Apr 30 at 1:24pm | Uncategorized
How are your flexible connectors looking? Head to our latest YouTube video and Andrew will show you what to look for when your flexible connectors start to rust. Don't forget to give us a thumbs up and share with your friends. Of course if you discover yours are looking a bit rusty give us a call 0408 265 798 and we can change them for you before they burst.

Turn off gas to my house

Apr 23 at 3:15pm | Uncategorized
Follow the link to our YouTube channel video to find out where to locate your gas meter and how to turn it off in an emergency. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and give us a thumbs up at the end.