Bathroom Renovation

Feb 07 at 10:25am | Uncategorized
We recently finished a bathroom renovation for some of our good customers. However, it started like this. Leak coming through from the bathroom into the hallway. Husband softly softly approach to finding and fixing the leak. Wife with sledge hammer smashed out the wall - now there definitely was a leak The wash up is a brand new beautiful bathroom. Kelly and Paul congratulations on all the work you have put into your new bathroom. It is lovely. #deewhyplumbers #dyplumbers #bathroomrenovations #northernbeaches #balgowlah #girlwantsanewbathroom

Is your gas cooktop working at its best?

Feb 02 at 3:29pm | Uncategorized

Is your gas cooktop working at its best? Have you got yellow or orange uneven flames or flames not coming out of all the holes or jets? This indicates that the air to gas ratio is off. You may be able to fix this yourself.
Here is one we did earlier this week that is now working perfectly. It was all a matter of a deep clean.
The best way to get all the parts clean is to fill the sink with some hot water, mix it with clothes washing powder (the stuff you would usually put in the washing machine - not liquid but powder) and soak the loose metal bits that pull off your stove (don't do the plastic handles like this or the writing will wash off)
Leave them soaking for a couple of hours and then rinse them off in another sink of plain water giving them a brush off then leaving them to dry before reassembling. You will see bits of black particles in the water and everything will come up shiny with minimal effort.
Put the stove back together and test it out. You will hopefully find your cooktop back to its former cooking glory. If not, we can help you out.
NOTE - This is also an awesome way to clean the wire racks in the oven with minimal fuss.