Vanity & Cabinet Upgrade

Nov 24 at 1:08pm | Uncategorized
We recently updated this vanity and shaving cabinet for a smart new look. Looking to upgrade your bathroom in the new year? Give us a call for a quote or advice. 0408 265 798

Kitchen Reno - Pot Filler

Nov 18 at 11:17am | Uncategorized
We recently completed a kitchen renovation where the owners included a pot filler above their cooktop

It looks great and works well.  No splash and fills the pots beautifully.  

Can anyone identify the problem here?

Nov 16 at 2:31pm | Uncategorized
This kitchen drain has been run by someone who clearly has no idea what they are doing and does not understand one of the basics of plumbing. The general rule of thumb is that all water drains away downhill. That is a big plumbing fail! If you have any plumbing fails at your house which need rectifying don't hesitate to contact us 0408 265 798.

Burst Flex

Nov 03 at 10:15am | Uncategorized
Another day, another burst flex. Our Beacon Hill customers were lucky someone was home when this happened. We are now replacing the old stainless steel rubber inside flexible connectors with a new polyamide and pex flex which should mean that you don't get them rusting and bursting. It is highly recommended that you keep an eye on them and if you see any signs of rust you have them replaced quick smart. Failing that, they should be replaced every five years.