Drainage rerun under house

Oct 28 at 10:51am | Uncategorized

Our customers in Narraweena had a problem with a broken drain pipe under the slab of their laundry and was causing the wall to move. The team at DY Plumbers were able to come up with a solution that bypassed the damaged section of pipe. We were able to rerun the pipe under the house. This means we were able to keep it up off the ground and away from any tree root zones, it also eliminated the need for a more expensive option of digging or relining the existing pipe. Now our customers will be able to have the wall repaired and use the garden without an ugly pipe coming out of it. Job well done. Click the link to view before during and after photos.

What rats can do to your pipes

Oct 20 at 11:18am | Uncategorized

This is what it looks like when a rat eats through the bottom of the bath trap.

 After going to investigate a leak through the ceiling into the kitchen below, we found a very large hole in the bottom of the trap. You can see where the rat has chewed through the pipe to get to the water inside. It is unusual through a trap, but we quite often find where they have chewed through the dishwasher drain hose.

No rat was found but I'm sure it has a terrible tummy ache.