Swivel Bath Spout

Jan 19 at 11:34am | Uncategorized
Click on the YouTube link to check out our video on the latest swivel bath spout we have recently been installing. Handy in tight spaces or for when the kids are jumping about in the bath.

Bathroom Makeover

Jan 14 at 2:16pm | Uncategorized
Go to our latest YouTube video to see a recent bathroom makeover. Installation of a new vanity, toilet, tapware and fittings. The owner didn't want to replace the old scratched bath so instead had it relined to give it a fresh new look. Have a query on your own bathroom? Don't hesitate to give us a call 0408 265 798 or click the Booking form above and we will be happy to help out.

Bathroom New Build

Jan 12 at 2:27pm | Uncategorized
Another milestone. Our first new house build. Thanks for having us on the journey Gavin and Amber @passive_not_massive and Lars Fisher Constructions @lfconstruct - go to insta to see all the pictures. Or read the whole story on Ambers blog on
Head to our Facebook page to check out the photos