Notification of a serious gas accident to Fair Trading

Oct 15 at 1:40pm | Uncategorized
Owners or occupiers are now required to notify Fair Trading if a serious gas accident occurs on their premises.
mail: Energy Utilities Unit, NSW Fair Trading, PO Box 972, PARRAMATTA NSW 2124
phone: 13 32 20

Please include information on where, when and what happened, and provide contact details for Fair Trading to get back in touch with you.
While gas accidents are reported to the WorkCover Authority (if it is a workplace) and emergency services are usually involved, this requirement will cover other situations involving outdoor heaters or gas barbecues and will allow Fair Trading to investigate and ensure gas consumer safety is maintained.

A serious gas accident means an accident:
- caused by the use of a gas appliance, gas installation to supply gas, or by work carried out on a gas appliance, gas installation, and
- in which a person dies or suffers permanent disability, is hospitalised or receives treatment from a health care professional or is unable to attend work for any period of time.
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