2019 Sydney Water Restrictions

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Water restrictions are inevitable

 A pay off to the beautiful weather we have been enjoying and the lack of rain is that our dam water level has been dropping significantly and quickly. Once it has reached 50% (www.waternsw.com.au/supply/Greater-Sydney/greater-sydneys-dam-levels) level 1 water restrictions will be implemented.

 We have been through them before and we can do it again. It just takes a little bit of thoughtful use and everyone doing their bit.

 Of course, there are the easy things you can implement straight away

 Fix any leaking taps and toilets. Make sure you don't forget to check the outdoor loo or the one near the swimming pool that is rarely used. Check the outdoor hose taps too, even that one that is tucked behind the bushes that is hard to get to or the one attached to the watering system.

 Check your water meter.If the water meter is turning and you have all your taps turned off, there must be a leak.

 Install water saving restrictors in the shower rose and spouts. This could help you save over 10L of water per minute.

 Reduce your showering times. Even with restrictors in the shower by changing from a 10 minute shower to a 4 minute one you will save over 54 Litres of water.

 Turn off the tap while you are brushing your teeth and use a bucket to capture water while waiting for the shower to heat up. You can use this water in the garden, to flush the toilets, to soak the laundry or to water your indoor plants.

 Reduce the amount of times you flush the toilet. This would save you 12L of water for an older toilet cistern and 6L with the newer ones.During the last water restrictions, we lived by the saying "If it’s brown flush it down, if it’s yellow let it mellow” 😉 If this is too much for you, maybe just not flushing the toilet overnight would help.

 Cover your pool. By covering your Sydney unheated pool it reduces the amount of evaporation by between 115L – 191 L of water a day!!!


 Use a trigger nozzle on your hose. This is both useful for when you are washing the car and also watering the garden.There is no wasted water moving the hose from one section of the garden to another and when you are actually between washing and rinsing the car.


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 If you are struggling with any of these leaks please call DY Plumbers M. 0408 265 798 and we can repair any leaking taps and/or toilets, locate your leaks and help you with any advice on making your home waterwise.